Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2021

Nov 25 2020

The most Instagram-worthy kitchen colors are white, followed by black, according to a new study from Wren Kitchens(link is external). The European-based kitchen design company analyzed Instagram posts to find out what’s earning buzz and likely will trend in 2021. (The company identified trending styles by looking at hashtags such as #newkitchen, #kitcheninspo, or #kitcheninspiration.)

Kitchen Trends

Granite countertops have been getting some serious competition from quartz in recent years, but don’t count them out. Homeowners still love them and are searching for granite inspiration on Instagram. Granite countertops nabbed the highest number of kitchen design posts on Instagram, Wren Kitchens finds.

Here are the top 10 predictions of hottest kitchen trends heading into 2021, based on what’s trending in kitchen Instagram posts:

  • Granite countertops (46,619 posts)
  • Pantry cabinets (29,429)
  • Quartz countertops (23,652)
  • Kitchen islands (23,436)
  • Eco-friendly (5,785)
  • Brass faucets (4,608)
  • Copper hardware (3,698)
  • Mosaic splashback tiles (3,041)
  • Induction countertop (650)
  • Farmhouse sinks (141)

As for color schemes in the kitchen, white still reigns supreme (48,753 posts). Black mono-chrome kitchens followed with about half that at 27,528 posts, followed by cooler colors like green- and blue-colored kitchens.

Modern kitchen styles are trending with simple mono-chrome colors, super clean designs that have “an understated feel,” Wren Kitchens notes in its study. Farmhouse followed—but with half the number of posts of modern kitchens. Farmhouse kitchens usually feature large traditional ovens, rustic kitchen accessories, wooden tops, deep 1900’s-style sink basins, and an overall retro finish.

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