NAR Launches the American Property Owners Alliance

Nov 24 2020

Property owners are getting a stronger voice on Capitol Hill. The National Association of REALTORS® has launched the American Property Owners Alliance, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that will advocate for millions of property owners across the country on federal legislation, policies, and regulations that affect ownership.

“The Alliance is the new amplified voice of nearly 79 million property owners across the country who want a say in Washington on critical issues,” says Kevin Sears, director and treasurer of the APOA. “We’re a diverse group that is ready to be a force in Washington.”

The alliance is primarily funded by NAR. But it will operate independently from the association. It will have its own board of directors and separate bylaws.

Part of APOA’s main mission is to keep property owners informed of federal legislative and regulatory issues that affect ownership. It covers ownership of all property—regardless if homes, land, and commercial real estate. APOA is focused solely on the federal level.

“Property ownership is essential to strong communities throughout the country,” Sears said in a statement. “The Alliance will foster and defend property ownership in communities through educating property owners about federal issues and mobilizing advocates throughout the United States to secure those rights and interests.”

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