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Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2021

Nov 25 2020

The most Instagram-worthy kitchen colors are white, followed by black, according to a new study from Wren Kitchens(link is external). The European-based kitchen design company analyzed Instagram posts to find out what’s earning buzz and likely will trend in 2021. (The company identified trending styles by looking at hashtags such as #newkitchen, #kitcheninspo, or #kitcheninspiration.) Granite

Improvements First-Time Homeowners Should Tackle First

Nov 23 2020

While low mortgage rates and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to motivate first-time buyers, other factors need to figure into their financial planning. Tight inventory markets mean many home shoppers will end up purchasing a house that requires repairs to its structure and mechanical systems, which will take a big bite out of their budget. Real

How property managers are evolving into mediators

Nov 18 2020

The role of the property manager continues to evolve. Once thought of as merely rent collectors, it has become all too evident that the role of a good property manager has progressed to encompass that of asset management. And now, with the effects of Covid-19 being keenly felt by businesses the world over, the role